1-  N. Roveri, I. G. Lesci, S. Petraroia, De Laurentis F., M. Lelli, O. Mezini, G. Montebugnoli, S. Merli, E. D’amen, R. Gallerani

“Process for biochemical denaturation of an asbestos-containing material”

WO2015166359 A1

ABSTRACT: The invention relates to a process for treating an asbestos-containing material, which enables the asbestos to be transformed into inert products (i.e. not hazardous to human health) that can possibly be reused as raw materials for subsequent industrial processing or as directly marketable industrial products. The process comprising the steps of preparing an acidic solution/suspension by subjecting a food industry waste material to mixed bacterial and fungal growth and/or fermentation, and treating an asbestos- containing material with the acidic solution/suspension obtained from the mixed fermentation at a temperature of 120-170°C and pressure of 2-10 bar.


2-  G. Balducci, E. Foresti, M. Lelli, I.G. Lesci, M. Marchetti, F. Pierini, N. Roveri

Processo per il trattamento di un materiale contenente amianto

Italian Patent n. 21.C0460.12.IT.1 Question Number: MI2010A001443 – Storage Data 30.07.2010

ABSTRACT: Process for treating an asbestos containing material, comprising treating the material with exhausted milk whey so as to obtain a liquid phase and a solid phase containing the asbestos and subjecting the solid phase containing the asbestos to a hydrothermal process. The asbestos containing material is thus subjected to the action not of a common acidic chemical reagent, but rather of an acidic industrial waste product, i.e. milk whey, preferably exhausted milk whey, which, besides creating an acidic environment, contributes bacterial components believed to favour an attack on the material itself. After said treatment, which releases the asbestos fibres from the matrix in which they are englobed, the asbestos is then “inertized” by means of a high-temperature, high-pressure hydrothermal process.